Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From 2.0 to 3.0

Dr. Gege Gatt, founder and director of ICON, writes about the six trends that define the new generation of web services:

(1) Mobile applications have long been aimed at giving subscribers information specific to their whereabouts, but now we’re seeing even more intelligent ideas.

(2) Maps: Google street map hit the news early this year with its controversial drive-by views of people’s front doors and people themselves.

(3) Personal organisers: There’s no shortage of web services aimed at helping us organize our lives. But however digital our way of living, a lot of us still print out paper when we travel, particularly on business.

(4) Collaboration: is a useful resource for anyone in business seeking latest thinking on an area of interest and reading it in succinct, generally well-put-together PowerPoint slideshows that are rated and commented on by users. operates in the same field, but is a ‘Cloud’ computing application at its best. It lets you create, collaborate on, share and store a slidedeck on the Cloud (their remote server), so you can access it anywhere in the world. You’ll never be caught short again on a business trip without your slidedeck to hand.

(5) Audio: We love audio-visual on the web, so it’s little wonder that this area is seeing new applications each day.

(6) Social media Intermediaries: There’s now an ever-growing range of tools to help us make sense of, filter and manage our Twitter and Facebook world.

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