Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Tips On How to Come Across Polite in a Business Email

Here we go, thanks to One Hour Translations

1.Use the recipient’s correct title.

2. Use the correct greeting.

3. Introduce your company and yourself.

4. Write short, simple sentences. (This could backfire, though. Not all cultures respect simplicity as clarity)

5. Avoid idioms and slang language.

6. Do not refuse requests directly, and avoid criticism in emails or letters.

7. End your letters and emails properly.

8. Where possible, send the letter or email in the recipient’s native language. This shows that you respect and care for their language and culture. Using the recipient’s native language will usually be accepted very positively and will usually reduce cultural gaps or potential misunderstandings.

9. Use only native-speaking translators. The recipient will know immediately if the translator is not a native speaker of his or her target language. Avoid using machine translation (like Google Translate or Yahoo’s Babel Fish): automatic translation is still very far from producing an acceptable result. In many cases, it can completely distort the original meaning. (Sorry, had to copy this in its entirety)

10. If possible, use an independent proofreader who is also a native speaker of the target language: two pairs of eyes are always better than one. The proofreader can review the style, fix any typos and ensure the translation is perfect.

8-10 will cost you money. But it will cost you more if you offend your client.

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