Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pommies Making Fun of Kiwis?

Only on Sky Sport (,19528,12325_3680560,00.html) can you see such lack of tact towards other "Englishes":


All of us here meanwhile are still coming to terms with the cultural differences between New Zealand and dear old Blighty. Here, and at no added expense, is a quick guide to the language and the customs:

To start with, "chicken" is something you do when you arrive at an airport.

The "flight-dick" is what the pilot sits on.

A "pin" is what you write with.

A "pun" is what you pop balloons with.

I don't know how you say "no pun intended".

Three times two is "sux".

Honeymooning couples are expected to have "six".


Which woodwork did this ignoramus come out of? Two by three is sex, as I can ascertain from my wonderful osteopath.. "See you at sex, Sam, next Thursday.." I wish! Instead, I get a good cracking of my spine, but no sex :-D

If anything "sux", it is the writer of the above article.

Not fair dinkum at all. The Poms better get their interpreters with them when they come to the country of "where the hell are yeah?"

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Heart In Its Right Place

A very humane description of a day in the life of an interpreter. And so refreshingly reflective.

Lost for words on a migrant's final journey

Moreno Giovannoni
June 7, 2008

IT'S the same every time. I wait on the footpath, or in the car, for the Royal District Nurse. Or the council employee. When they arrive, I introduce myself and follow them inside. I feel and follow the pecking order. I do a Prince Philip, one step behind the boss.
Waiting in the house is the old woman, or the old man, or both. Sometimes there's a daughter, a tired-looking woman in her late 50s, who says she speaks Italian (so I wasn't really needed) but that for some reason "they" said they wanted an independent interpreter. I say: "That's fine. I'm here if you need me."
"Signora, le faccio da interprete, va bene?" I'll be your interpreter. Is that OK?

To read the whole article (and it is well worth the effort) visit The Age