Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stats on Google

Tomedes pointed me today to Google Keyword Tool, so I had a play and here are some stats on what people have been looking at in my language pair in March:

Keyword Hits in Mar-09

arabic dictionary 6600

arabic english 18100

arabic english translator 1000

arabic language translation 140

arabic language translator 6

arabic online translator 91

arabic text 1000

arabic to english translation 2,400

arabic to english translator 720

arabic translate 2400

arabic translater 320

arabic translation 8100

arabic translations 590

arabic translator 2400

arabic translators 390

arabic word 1600

arabic words 1900

arabic writing translation 58

english arabic translation 3600

english to arabic 8100

learn arabic 4,400

online arabic translation 390

translate english arabic 1300

translate english to arabic 1000

translate from english to arabic 170

translation from english to arabic 320

translation to arabic 2900

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