Saturday, May 02, 2009

Explain, please?

Across Systems is a translation management platform which has been making a bit of noise lately. Which is understandable - one needs to yak a lot in a recessed market, otherwise you go belly up. But what I don't understand is this bit:

"Across claims that they are the "only major translation technology provider whose core business is software development". Recent mergers and acquisitions within the industry has made Across management even more committed to staying independent. So much so, they decided to back its promises with a money-back guarantee, to prove that independence is central to its strategic business objectives. Should it be acquired by another entity any time within the next five years, it will refund to its LSP customers any license fees they pay throughout 2009, although the licenses would remain in effect."

Ok, I know who they are talking about in the T&I business - all these large agencies suddenly inhaling smaller fry, and TM software providers going into "strategic alliances", etc. etc - but WHY is it so important to them? Why is it a selling point?

Please explain?


beth said...

It's important to the Localizaiton Service Providers because if they use software from one of the agencies that do both technology and translation services, then essentially the LSPs are buying technology from their competitors. Across doesn't compete with the translators because it doesn't provide services.

Heidi said...

Hi, I just want to confirm what Beth already explained. Especially for translation agencies this independence is of high interest. Usually noone wants to buy anything from his/her competitors. And when it comes to corporate customers it might be a bit different. But finally, Across demonstrates its independence and its strength. No mergers have to be feared so that enterprises can count on a strong, privately held company. An important information when it comes to decision in regard to investments, anyway.