Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Arabizing, Not Translating

Pharmaceutical industry and regulatory bodies in the Middle East relies heavily on English language guidelines to regulate, operates, and market one of the most vital industries in the region.

Zeta Consulting (Jordan) started this project as it believes that content in the mother language is a very important contribution to the industry. Zeta Consulting does not produce Arabic language replicas by translating English language guidelines; it transfers cumulative knowledge and understanding to an Arabic text, which can be built on and evolve. For example its first guideline (Computerized Systems in Pharmaceutical Industry) brought years of experience and touches of the most known regulation together to form an Arabic language document that can be used by regulatory bodies to inspect and audit manufacturers and researchers, and can be used by the industry to better understand regulatory requirements in what still considered a black box by many. This guideline is only a beginning for a larger effort, which many Arab experts from the industry are interested to participate in, other Arabized guidelines are in our pipeline, and will be available for Arab regulatory bodies.

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