Friday, February 26, 2010


Or is John Dixon from Applied Languages writing his career as a translation project manager off?

Apparently, after Elvish, Esperanto, Na'avi, Spanglish, Chinglish and G-d alone knows what else, John is suggesting governments pay a bit more attention to imposing a common world language, tentatively called Globalese.

"Think how much money companies would save in the long run. In the US alone the translation business is estimated to be approximately $10billion per annum and growing."

Think how much less you would be making, John!

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1 comment:

MConnaughton said...

I think he was highlighting the merits of linguistic integration, rather than doing himself out of a job.

...he seems to be very knowledgeable about language, but even you must admit, you don't see or hear of any other companies like his trying to save you money.

Have you ever had a quote from Lionbridge or the bg word?!

Case closed.