Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new "career" for Twitters (or Twits)

But it pays. So in these difficult times, we might just end up doing it:

Twitter users can now get their "tweets" automatically translated by using SpeakLike Twitter Translation. SpeakLike Twitter Translation extends the influence of individuals and marketers to new audiences around the globe, helps grow followings, and increases the worldwide appeal of Twitter. SpeakLike Twitter Translation allows members of SpeakLike and Twitter to specify tweets that they want translated into any two of 10 currently supported languages. SpeakLike automatically posts the translated "tweaks" to the user's Twitter feed.

SpeakLike Twitter Translation, like other SpeakLike services, uses a proprietary workflow based on a "crowdsourcing" model. A crowd of translators around the world is always at the ready to translate tweets, emails and chats for SpeakLike users. SpeakLike bridges the gap between expensive, time-consuming translation services and error-prone machine translation with a system that combines self-learning technology with human oversight to ensure business-quality results.

"Our Twitter integration builds on what we learned with email and chat translation. Not only must it be easy to use, but it must be fast, good, and cheap," said SpeakLike Founder and CEO Sanford Cohen. "Machine translation just won't do. The only way to ensure you are communicating the message you want is to have a human involved. SpeakLike makes this possible for all Twitter users."

"In a global social media environment, the value of being able to distribute your content to as many demographics as possible, in multiple languages, only enlarges your influence. Want to expand your reach beyond domestic followers? Translating your tweets helps increase your reach by an order of magnitude. There is simply no more effective way for reaching more people in a short amount of time."


This morning, we were proofing for $25 per piece. This afternoon, we are overseeing MT in a crowd. Crowd is not a company, uless you are called SpeakLike, and know how to speak like a Twit(ter).

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