Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Book on translation theory wins Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Abu Dhabi, 22nd Feb. 2009 (WAM) -- Secretary General of Sheikh Zayed Book Award Rashed Al Oraimi announced Saturday winners in two categories, arts and translation for the 2009 Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

The award for best translated book is granted to Dr. Sa'ad Abdulaziz Maslouh, Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts / Kuwait, for his book "Translation theory: contemporary trends" for the interpreter's ability of transcending from a simple "transfer" of knowledge and technology to a broader framework that encompass science,culture and novelty.

"This valuable work adds a new prospect in translation/interpretation by investigating the correlation between comparative literature and linguistics; an approach that has been studied in the western academic world three decades ago whilst lacked attention in the Arabic universities.

The book provides the reader with insight into the nature of translation, language and communication across cultures. The book includes five new approaches and explores strengths and weaknesses of each. It was highly commended by the selection committee" said Al Oraimi.

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